Three Oranges For All - Scarlet & Classic Navels + Mandarins

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Available mid-December through mid-April

Red Scarlet Navels, Golden Navels, Mandarin Oranges and FREE Coconut Patties. All for only $62.99!

We believe that good things come in threes! So we've designed this value-priced gift of three different Florida Orange varieties. In one shipment you'll receive three gift boxes of our most favorite fruits: 1 gift tray each of delicious, Red Scarlet Navels, 1 gift tray of sweet and seedless classic Navel Oranges and 1 gift tray of our newest citrus - the plump and easy-peel Mandarin Orange. Plus, you'll receive a FREE GIFT of 6 creamy, chocolatey Coconut Patties!

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